GBLabs is a solution foundry.

Some of these projects are intended purely for personal enjoyment. Others are about making it easier for people to access and manage information. I have a wide range of interests, which is reflected in the variety of my work. If you're interested in working with me, please reach out


Some of these projects need some love and attention. If something you see here sparks an interest or you wish to contribute, reach out.

Betty Education

Betty Education


Betty is a web application that makes it easy for teachers to generate reports, plan lessons and schedule classes.

Python Mud Client


PMud is a python mud client born out of an intense addiction to Multiplayer User Dungeons that once plagued me. It still flares up once in a while.


From time to time, I come across an interesting dataset and I make visualizations based on these.

Expense Tracker


Personal Finance is fascinating to me. I am an avid YNABber but lately I've been feeling the itch to build my own tool.



This one is a Citizen Science project aimed at allowing people to measure particulate matter in the air around them. It's an important one.


Kingdom of ElĂ­as and Theodor

A little 4x game I'm building inspired by (and hopefully played by) my kids.


(Contributor and Usurper)

I contributed and took over development of a Slack bot for a group of fun Fantasy and RPG enthusiasts.

About Me

I am a problem solver and a maker. I believe in making things that improve people's quality of life. Sometimes people approach me to make them something to optimize their daily flows and sometimes they just want something to play with and have fun. I enjoy making things much more when I can see their impact, so I encourage them to give me as much feedback as they want. Feel free to contact me via any of these: